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So I've been invited to interview at Washington University in St Louis, during their interview/recruitment weekend of February 17-18. This would be better if this were a place I really *wanted* to attend, rather than a place that *Becca* wants to attend that I applied to out of solidarity. That said, there are a few (read: one) researchers who I'd be excited about working with/under. I guess I'd better review the work being done by the profs there so I can hopefully find somebody else interesting, towards the goals of (1) making a good impression on the interviewers and (2) deciding that I actually want to go there.

Bedtime now; thesis meeting and first class tomorrow. Which reminds me: these first few weeks are going to be pretty hellish, since I need to write and turn in a thesis draft (which involves *finding a second reader*, after all), as well as write and do my presentation for the AI seminar (I got tapped to do the first one, which is probably a blessing overall, but difficult to manage at this moment).

Also, game was highly stressful today, moving between dread, fear, and frustration. Extremely well run--Mike once again demonstrates his GMing skills--but very draining. And, for no obvious reason, my back hurts. I'm getting whiny now, so it's time to stop and sleep.
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