eyeoftomoe (eyeoftomoe) wrote,

Stressed beyond the ability of mortal man to conceive

LJ posts nowadays seem to be a competition centered around "life sucks so bad", so here's my entry. I hate grad school applications. I feel like I'm slowly going mad. Magic nerd version: Somebody is playing a Millstone deck against me. Point is, I need to stay together until the end of the semester, and in particular until I (attempt to) submit some of my applications this weekend. WHY isn't Heather getting back to me? I need her letter of recommendation, and it's far too late to get a (good) letter from any other professor. I'm doing the whole dull headache, brain wrapped in warm fuzzy wool thing. I imagine it shows. It's not just sleep, either; I've been getting enough, even if not as much as I'd like; same with food. If I don't hang out, it's just because I'm too busy staring at the computer screen and trying to write personal statements. Classes are just an annoying distraction at this point. At least I'm not worried about finals. I can't be; I don't have time. I'm pretty sure that I've got a solid D, maybe even C, in each of my classes no matter *what* I do at this point. This is not to mention thesis, which I *really* don't have time for right now. Back to statements, or maybe statistics.

What does Liber AL have to say about this? Open to a random page, and: "Now a curse upon Because and his kin!" (II, 28). Ah, bibliomancy.

EDIT: Heather wrote back, and is willing to do some recommendations. That's one big thing off my mind.
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