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So, I took the Math GRE (note, completely different from the general GRE math section) this morning. Exhausted, but I think I probably did almost exactly as well as I predicted, which is (hopefully) a few points above the practice test. Seems like reading through the Princeton Review guide did very little, though even just touching all those math concepts which have fallen out of my head in the last three years was helpful in a way. My goal is a score that *might*, if I'm lucky, get me into grad school for math, because I'm hoping that such a score will look very attractive to a math-minded cog sci program.

Now, if only finishing this GRE means the stress were over. Of course, it isn't at all. Still need to take (and schedule!) the general GRE, which I'm less worried about (and can't really prepare for anyway, so whatever). Both of these are for the purpose of applying to grad school, so I need to start writing applications, not to mention generate a final list of schools to which I'm applying, which in turn requires coordinating with Goldfish so that there's at least the possibility of overlap.

Then there's thesis, which I have barely even thought about for the past n weeks, which currently requires (1) an experimental design--easy, since it's a replication of a published study; (2) stimulus sets for the study, harder, since the authors apparently didn't bother to document the features of Macintalk that they were using (on their *Quadra 700* for a study published in *2004*, for the love of all the gods save one); (3) an IRB form so I can run the study, easy enough once I have time; (4) some idea of how I'm going to go about doing the neural network side of the thesis when *nobody* at Vassar does neural nets.

There's more (like, why do I get sick *every* *single* *time* I have a chance to spend time with Goldfish?), but that's enough for right now. Might as well mention some of the good points, like the aforementioned visit from Goldfish for the excellent final weekend (ever!) of Rocky Horror. Now that Rocky is over, we get to *game* again. Contrary to my joking statement of last night, there is nobody on the planet who could even *envision*, much less *run*, the Ravenloft game, other than Mike (assuming that Mike exists at all, which, as the "Dark Powers" have always seemed to be an in-game term for the GM, is in some doubt). Also, very little other than fighting a giant brain living inside of a truly gargantuan brain floating above an underground city which is the hub of an entire brain-based economy could have made me stop worrying about the GREs the evening before the test. And the revelations. Oh, the revelations.

Ok, this has pretty much come full circle, so it's time to stop now.
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